The Glenreagh General Store built in 1912


Glenreagh was first settled in 1858 when John Campbell Shannon built "Glen Righ" homestead on his sheep and cattle run.

Gold was discovered on upper Tallawudjah Creek in 1881 but the rush was shortlived and was over by the turn of the century.  A few of the miners saw potential in the area and settled, cleared the land, and with others assisted in building a community.
Glenreagh became known as a timber town, rather than for its brief history of gold.  Railways were spreading out over the state and their was a demand for sleepers and girders.  Bullock wagons well loaded travelled to South Grafton from where the timber was sent by boat to Sydney.  The main North Coast Line from Brisbane to Sydney wasn't completed until 1922.

Glenreagh, the friendly caring community of today is a stark contrast to its history of the "wild days" of the Navvies building the railway line to Dorrigo.

Glenreagh was a thriving community boasting its own Hotel, Post Office, School of Arts, Tea Rooms, Barber Shop, Bakery, Bank, Police Station, Blacksmith shop (later to become the Service Station) and Boarding House.
Some of these buildings still stand in the village today.
Interested in learning more take a look at the YouTube of local historian Bessie Webb talking about the rich and varied history of Glenreagh.
Bessie Webb Interview